Peak 1 Co., Ltd. is dedicated to protecting the privacy of persons involved in our services including advertisement production, various event planning and management, and digital tool production of Internet and websites. In order to fulfill our scope of work, we as a company are involved in important parts of communication between people and companies, and we must always be highly aware of the importance, safety, and accuracy of handling Information. We will work together with our officers and employees to properly handle Personal Information with the spirit of respect for human rights and compliance with laws and regulations.

  1. 1 The person in charge of management and the system is clearly defined and personal information is managed appropriately.
  2. 2 We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use that we have previously specified, unless you give prior consent.
  3. 3 We will maintain appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information from improper disclosure or modification and from unauthorized access.
  4. 4 When entrusting the processing of personal information to our partner company, we will select a partner company that meets the sufficient protection level of personal information according to the selection criteria.
  5. 5 We will promptly respond to complaints and consultations regarding our handling of personal information.
  6. 6 In implementing the personal information protection management system regarding personal information protection, we will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, and other norms and guidelines.
  7. 7 We will continuously review and improve the handling of personal information and the personal information protection management system, taking into consideration changes in the social situation and environment.

Formulation date: August 1, 2008
Yasuo Maeda, President and CEO, Peak 1 Co., Ltd.


We consider the establishment of information security to be the basis of our business activities. All officers and employees handle information assets accurately and safely, while constantly improving upon the information security system, and complying with laws and regulations related to information security.

We have set the following policies for the purpose of appropriate management and operation of information security related to our business.

  1. 1 Organization
    An ISMS promotion manager is appointed to build an organization to continuously maintain and improve information security. In addition, we have appointed a person in charge of auditing the proper operation of ISMS.
  2. 2 Audit and Continuous Improvement
    Conduct internal audits on a regular and as-needed basis to ensure that information security is being followed. The ISMS is reviewed on a regular basis to maintain and improve upon as necessary
  3. 3 Legal Compliance
    Comply with laws and regulations related to information security and contractual requirements with customers and business partners.
  4. 4 Education and Dissemination
    Provide appropriate education on ISMS to all officers, employees and employees of partner companies.
  5. 5 Penalties
    Employees who violate the ISMS regulations will be subject to penalties as stipulated in the work regulations. Employees of partner companies are subject to contract violations.

Formulation date: January 1, 2021
Yasuo Maeda, President and CEO, Peak 1 Co., Ltd.